I didn’t get the part, and I know why: irrespective of acting ability, I’m just way too big. The women are all size two and go perfectly together. But to me, they didn’t look like desperate housewives but desperate glamour models. It drives me crazy; it’s encouraging women to feel guilty about not looking like that.

Bloopers vs. TV Take: May Day

It was yesterday when I watched this episode and I was actually waiting for Alex to kiss Laura…She didn’t.I was sad.

Reblogging this again. I regret nothing.


The one whose name I cannot speak.


The spectacle has concluded and since we are in England I suggest you make some tea.

Regenerate me

I have not broken a thing, but Matt Smith is the clumsiest, clumsiest actor I have ever met. I feel so sorry for the props guys because literally any sonic screwdriver or any prop they give him, within five seconds he’s broken it. And I could see our lovely props man, Phil, he’s sort of just lets out a big sigh and walks over and takes it and goes to find some Super Glue to put it together again. Matt is unbelievably clumsy. I’ve never seen anything like it.